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Heart Organization - Medical English Course : Lesson Topic

Lesson General English Medical English
Lesson .1
Sep. 14. 2011
Nice to meet you.
(Greetings and introduction)
What's the matter?
Lesson .2
Sep. 21. 2011
Family tree What symptoms do you have?
Lesson .3
Sep. 28. 2011
Can I call you later?
(Locations;telephone calls)
How long have you had it?
Lesson .4
Oct. 5. 2011
Your favorite food. Have you had any serious illness?
Lesson .5
Oct. 12. 2011
What time is it?(Telling time and numbers) Have you had any serious illnesses ?
Lesson .6
Oct. 19. 2011
Did you have a good time?
(Talking about past events)
Have you had any serious illnesses ?
(In case of injury)
Lesson .7
Oct. 26. 2011
How much is it?(Talking about prices) You need to take a urine test.
Lesson .8
Nov. 2. 2011
You can’t miss it. My chest is hurting.
Lesson .9
Nov. 9. 2011
Can I see your passport please?
(Travel English: at airport)
Orienting the patient to his room.
Lesson .10
Nov.16. 2011
Do you have a room for tonight?
(Travel English: at hotel)
Where is the X-ray department ?